Correctly assess conditions
__the basis for optimal solutions.

Tackling challenges head-on:
adaptive IT services from Netlution.

The fact that IT company environments are complex and constantly subject to dynamic changes should hardly be surprising. The wide range of standard services in the IT industry primarily address services with economies of scale e.g.

  • Managed services/out-tasking for highly standardised IT tasks
  • Provision of consultants from nationwide consultant pools
  • Procuring freelancers without solving compliance problems
  • Standardised temporary workers for service and support tasks

Are these the services that fulfil your individual requirements? The demands and individual requirements that Netlution regularly encounters in the market require a greater degree of adaptability:

  • Managed services: Concepts and solutions for complex services which are highly integrated into your organisation and which can be individually adjusted to your IT organisation and tools.
  • Provision of consultants: Whose focus is within the environment of your IT organisation and who can therefore support your IT projects in the long term.
  • Procuring freelancers: Safe in the knowledge that the assignment of selected freelancers does not lead to any compliance risks for your company.
  • Temporary workers: Support from external specialist personnel whose work assignment is externally managed and whose stand-ins are actively integrated in your processes and regularly present on site.

The adaptive Netlution range
with optimal versatility.

Our concept has evolved from analysing your specific requirements – the systematic decoupling of the function (role) of a person and their work on your IT projects and operations:


  • Temporal distribution of the role between several (min. two) consultants
  • Partially rolling, cross-customer assignment of experts
  • Top specialists are permanently familiarised with your processes
  • Continuous availability of the function within your organisation
  • Outsourcing of the role-related assignment administrative work
  • No dependency on individual consultants through the assignment of teams

Adaptive IT




Managed Services

Since 2005, Netlution has established selective out-tasking and still develops managed services to this day – all adapted to your company. Your option for a complex environment.

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