Adaptive Services – The Netlution Concept

Precise support service for your individual requirements

In biology and cybernetics, the word adaptive (Latin word adaptare meaning adjust) refers to the ability of organisms and self-regulating systems to actively adapt to changes in environmental conditions.

For Netlution this means: 

The active adaptation to the processes and the organization of our customers, to deliver the best and the most demanding IT services, i.e. to support or supply our customers with absolutely flexibly adaptable service concepts and methods.


Your business-critical and highly complex applications and services require competent and reliable operational responsibility – economical – 7×24 – 365 days a year.

As an extension of the highly specialized 3rd level operation, Netlution offers customized 3rd-level on-call service models individually tailored to your needs.

The rolling deployment system forms the basis and ensures that the required number of IT specialists are familiar with your processes and your complex environment at all times, to guarantee consistent qualified support.

And on attractive terms – so that the operation of your service is economical and stable round-the-clock.

Support with greater flexibility 

As an external support (on the basis of time & material) we provide you not only with resources, but also relieve you of the control and coordination tasks. This creates greater flexibility and an economic and high-quality assistance for the enterprise IT. We achieve this objective particularly with the help of customized service packages, allowing you to get exactly the support you need, at precisely the time and the extent to which you need it.

The concept of decoupling for more adaptability

Our concept has emerged from the analysis of specific customer requirements: We separate the staff vacancy from the role of a defined specialist. Instead we assume this role in the team of experts and in the rolling system – even in the case of time & material based services.

This provides you the following advantages:
  • Continuous availability of the function in your organization
  • Top executives are permanently involved in your processes
  • Moderate rolling, cross-customer deployment of the experts
  • Pro rata allocation of the role among multiple (at least 2) consultants
  • Independence from individual consultants by using teams
  • Outsourcing of the role-specific deployment control overhead
How does the rolling deployment system work in practice?

Your requirement:

  • Partial: You need a pro rata (e.g. 2 days/week) but continuous support
  • Full-time: You need a continuous support or a team working full-time
  • During demand peaks: active staff are available in the short term for scaling (e.g. In the event of illness or leave)
  • On-call service: for your 2nd/3rd level on-call service the rolling deployment system is an option, because the employees are familiar with your system environment.
  • Two Consultants: are available daily in your company (each for 3 days per week)
  • Deployed in other customer projects outside your company
  • “Overlap” on customer request (1 day/week, 1 day every 2, 3 or 4 weeks)
  • “Overlap Day”, aligned to the operational requirements
  • Incorporation of a third party consultant and moderate rotation of the team

With its adaptive services Netlution offers customized support services for your individual, highly complex services. For economical and compliance-specific mapping of these services, we need customized contractual solutions, which will provide the necessary flexibility while consolidating cross-organization services with mapping of the service-specific parameters, SLAs and KPIs.

On the basis of long-standing experience in the enterprise sector we have modified our contracts / support precisely to meet these requirements. With our innovative support models (e.g. the rolling deployment system) we can map our services in the following manner:

  • Temporary employment in full-time and part-time
  • Managed Service contracts (incl. overprovisioning of resources)
  • Time & Material (T&M) for flexible, demand-oriented support services in the project

We want to ensure that the individual contractual solutions, that are adaptively tuned to your requirements of performance compliance and contract design, meet your needs perfectly.