IT Reshoring / Onshoring

A challenge for your IT organization


Globally available services with high dynamics, short lifecycles and disruptive business models – digitalization is the main challenge for IT organizations especially in times of crisis.

While commodity IT infrastructures are getting increasingly automated cloud services getting ubiquitous and replacing traditional delivery models. Therefore IT organizations are faced with the challenge of automating their existing, highly individualized services end-to-end and expanding them with new digital IT services/processes incl. a high degree of dynamism and flexibility. This requirement cannot be met with rigid, inflexible commodity IT near- and offshore models.

IT – Made in Germany!

The business processes to be digitalized with the complex, constantly changing demands of the business departments needs to be understood, implemented and – together with the development – provided as flexible and continuous IT services.

For this purpose the continuous deployment of experienced, on-site IT architects and specialists / expert teams as an integral part of your IT organization is essential.

With our adaptive portfolio at hand we have perfectly aligned our organization and processes to these needs of our customers and provide highly specialized 3rd level services and customized consulting services.

Adaptive 3rd Level Services for:

Scalable & flexible:

  • Cost-efficient & flexible deployment of our IT expert teams through agile structures & working methods
  • Consistent adjustment of the service provision to the actual need
  • Coverage of part time requirements

Customized service contracts:

  • Mapping of all types of contracts (including Contract of Work, Managed Service, (Part-time) temporary employment, Time & Material)
  • Contractual definition of elasticities & scalability
  • IT expert teams with an intelligent mix of know-how for maximum economic efficiency

Stability & Reliability:

  • In a rolling operation system, 24×7 (on-site, remote, 3rd Level NOC)
  • Fast & uncomplicated deployment of agile IT expert teams

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