Social Commitment

Netlution is involved in social projects and activities

For us it is clear and important that life has much more than merely work and career. As a growing and successful company we also want to contribute our part toward responsible actions for the economy and society. Many of our employees, including our management, are involved in a wide range of associations and bodies from sports and culture to social bodies – and we actively support and promote this. 

We also think that it is essential to inspire others to be a part of a functioning and social society, which is why we would like to introduce you to a few of our support projects and clubs. 

Entrepreneurial Commitment

Economic action and entrepreneurship are key elements of our society. This action is only on the basis of ethical values for long-term success. The ongoing globalization of our world is both a challenge and an opportunity to live these values – this entrepreneurial action is thus a responsible action.

The increasing complexity of our global economic order requires an effective and transparent system of values. This can be found in the Christian faith. The Working group of Protestant entrepreneurs is the bridge between the economy and the protestant church. We convey principles, explain the background and revive discourses on current topics.


Source: Webseite AEU

The Protestant Forum is an initiative of evangelical Christians from Mannheim and the surrounding region. At regular public events it addresses cultural, scientific, political, economic and social issues we face today, from the ethical and Christian point of view.

As a platform for meetings, it promotes exchange between Christians and non-Christians and intensifies their dialogue with representatives of the church administration. In addition, it aims to enhance cooperation with scientific, economic and cultural institutions and be in close contact with political representatives.

The forum thus strengthens the dialogue between the Protestant Church and personalities in the Mannheim and the Rhine/Neckar metropolitan region, who are working successfully in the fields mentioned. Under common issues, it always discusses secular aspects with Christian convictions. Source: Protestant Forum Mannheim.