Social Commitment

Netlution engages in social projects and activities


For us it is clear and important that life is not just about work and career. As a growing and successful company, we also want to play our part in responsible action for the economy and society. Many of our employees, including our management, are involved in a wide variety of clubs and institutions ranging from sports to culture and social activities – and we actively support and encourage this.

We also think it is essential to inspire others to contribute to a functioning and social society, which is why we would like to introduce you to some of the projects and associations we support.

Entrepreneurial Engagement

Economic activity and entrepreneurship are essential elements of our society. This action is only successful in the long term on the basis of ethical values. The continuing globalization of our world is both a challenge and an opportunity to live these values – so that entrepreneurial action is responsible action.

The increasing complexity of our global economic order requires an effective and comprehensible set of values. This can be found in the Christian faith. The Arbeitskreis Evangelischer Unternehmer is the bridge between business and the Protestant Church. We communicate principles, explain backgrounds and stimulate discourse on current topics.

Source: Homepage AEU

The Protestant Forum is an initiative of Protestant Christians from Mannheim and the surrounding area. In regular public events, it addresses contemporary cultural, scientific, political, economic and social issues from an ethical and Christian perspective.

As a meeting platform it promotes the exchange between Christians and non-Christians and intensifies their dialogue with representatives of the church leadership. In addition, it wants to establish more cooperation with institutions of the economy, culture and science as well as to get in closer contact with representatives of politics.

The forum thus strengthens the dialogue of the Protestant Church with personalities who are successfully active in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region in the above-mentioned areas. It repeatedly combines secular aspects with Christian convictions under common questions.

Source: Evangelisches Forum Mannheim.

The Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim was founded in 1965. Parents and friends of people with a mental disability joined together to form a self-help association.

Since then it has developed into a large community of solidarity, which sees its task in accompanying the whole life of people with a mental handicap. People with intellectual disabilities, their parents, friends and full-time professionals work together as partners.

Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim creates and secures a living space within society for people with intellectual disabilities.
It promotes the development of their personality so that they can lead their lives as independently as possible. It represents the interests of people with intellectual disabilities and supports their efforts to represent their interests themselves.

Source: Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim e.V. (Link)

The Swimming Club 1900 e.V. Neustadt an der Weinstraße (SCN) was already founded in 1900. In addition to the swimming activity in the recreational area, the SCN distinguishes itself especially by its commitment and its success also in performance-oriented swimming.

Individual swimmers are and have already been very successful participants in Rhineland-Palatinate, Southern German and German championships.

Source: SC 1990 e.V. Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Link)

In the “Jugend forscht AG” meets creativity with researcher spirit. The cross-school and school-spanning offer offers children and young people between the ages of 12 and 18 a unique opportunity to deal with scientific and technical problems through exploratory learning.

In the “Jugend forscht AG” mixed-age teams from different schools in and around Neustadt work together.

Source: Jugend forscht Schüler AG Neustadt (Link)

The domino foundation is primarily active in underdeveloped countries, the focus country is Bangladesh. The foundation established elementary schools in cooperation with local partners. Education is an important contribution to overcoming poverty.

The elementary schools are being supported by projects such as adult education, drinking water supply, disaster relief, etc. By connecting the different projects, the wholeness of the work is expressed.

Source: domino Stiftung (Link)