3rd Level Special Services 

Perfectly tailored solutions for your highly complex, customized services

In addition to the standard operating services delivered by large IT service providers as standard services, in enterprise IT environments there are complex, customized 3rd-level services that require precisely tailored solutions. 

Tasks that need to be outsourced to the off-shore and nearshore areas for reasons of compliance and security, must also be economically mapped. 

The aim of our 3rd-level special services is to complete these tasks with the help of customized service structures, individual service management and proven organizational and technological expertise and to take over the responsibility of the 3rd-level operating services for your complex, highly specialized services. 

Whether it is the 24/7 deployment, on-call service, scalable and experienced teams of experts – whether locally or remotely – with the adaptive 3rd Level Special Services we deliver the highest quality of service while ensuring efficiency. 


Together with your IT organization, we analyse your needs and design a tailor-made solution. We support you in the technical and organizational issues in all phases right from modelling through to the introduction of the new service infrastructure.

  • Business Case Analysis
  • Design / Planning
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Project & Change Management

With our adaptive services in the rolling deployment model and 24/7, we take over responsibility for the smooth operation of your 3rd Level Special Services.
To ensure economy we continuously automate and optimize the service structures both in technical as well as organizational terms.
The Netlution team of experts will function locally or remotely as a stand-alone unit and seamlessly integrate in your existing IT-organization and processes.

  • Ongoing Operations
  • 7/24 On-Call Duty incl. NOC Services
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Monitoring & Reporting

The management and development of complex, customized special services require the use of the latest and innovative technologies.
With the vision and the use of innovative, customized tools, technologies and methods, we create the foundation for a secure future-ready service structure.
Thus, we possess the ability to quickly and flexibly respond to changing business and market developments.

  • Design / Plan
  • Configuration / Customizing
  • Enhancements / Migrations
  • Optimization / Automation
e.g. Core Platform, Directory, File & Database, IAM, Communication & Collaboration, Citrix Desktops

Private Cloud (e.g.: Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Openstack)