n_Remote Enterprise Services

Complex services as an integrated part of your IT organization – independently managed


What do the n_Remote Enterprise Services offer me?

With our n_Remote Enterprise Services we take the load off our customersregarding their complex and highly critical IT services.

As an integral part of the customers’ IT organization our Netlution expert teams take over the  responsibilty for the infrastructure & application services. The teams and services are completely adapted to the customer’s organization & processes and are managed completely independent by Netlution.

Under which conditions are the n_Remote Enterprise Services (n_RES) useful?

The n_RES are particularly suitable for IT infrastructure & application services that

  • are complex IT services (non commodity).
  • require teams of experts (usually 3rd Level).
  • have a high quality standard.
  • can not be easily standardized.
  • are organizationally unsuitable for off- or nearshore concepts.

Thus we close the gap between the service portfolio of large IT service providers who offer standardized services and the individual needs of our customers for more complex tasks.

How do the n_RES look in practice?

The Netlution expert teams always integrate seamlessly into the existing, individual IT organizations and processes of our customers.

This includes  besides training the use of customer specific systems and tools (e.g. VPN, reporting and ticketing systems, administration tools, etc.) including the associated processes.

Friction losses due to, for example, the use of our own service-provider-specific systems and tools as well as the adaptation of processes-  as it is common sense while using scalable standard services -are eliminated.

Thus we guarantee flexible, highly efficient and economical non commodity infrastructure & application services.

What are the advantages of support by a team?

Every environment of our customers is different. Mostly the same or similar technologies are used in different constellations and characteristics.

By providing services organized in expert teams of employees from our customers region we ensure a full service with the highest knowhow and quality standards.

The individuals of the respective teams have specialized knowledge which is combined individually, demand-oriented and perfectly tailored to the respective customer situation.

Even in case of vacation or sick leave of individual team members our customers can always rely on a continuous and competent service provision.

The long lasting and close cooperation of individual IT experts- working across customers and teams -the continuous exchange of knowhow as well as the experiences and best practices of other customer environments enabled Netlution to build up and establish an organization & processeswhich optimally addresses the challenges and requirements of complex IT services.

  • 3rd Level: 24/7 dedicated Managed Service
  • Teams of experts: different professional focuses (Mix & Match)
  • High flexibility: demand-based scaling according to the individual customer situation and service requirements
  • Adaptive: seamless integration into the customer’s organization and processes – independently managed