IT Architect

 Enterprise know-how for complex, highly specialized environments 

(I)IoT, Industry 4.0, digitalization, Cloud and DevOps require the use of new technologies, concepts and architectures. 

As an IT architect, you are faced with the challenge of designing your IT landscape quickly and of course economically from a rather monolithic construct into an agile and dynamic environment to meet the constantly changing requirements of the company and the specialist areas. 

This is where you find the right expertise at a wide range of levels in varying widths and depths. The appointment of an experienced team of experts with appropriate knowledge of the enterprise environment and a cross-customer know-how backbone using comparable issues is essential. 

Adaptive 3rd-level services for: 


  • Strong IT expertise, specializing in complex organizational knowledge-intensive consulting and services, both remote and on-site. 
  • Ongoing extension of employee competencies with rolling, parallel deployment in different enterprise IT environments. 

Quality & Security 

  • Optimal, adaptive integration in ongoing processes & your organization 
  • Combined competence in architecture, engineering & services for continuous further development and optimization 

Knowledge Transfer 

  • Expertise in enterprise IT projects is brought to your IT organization 
  • Expertise in building & structuring of complex services as Managed Services 


  • Ideal conditions for non-standard expertise 
  • Efficient and flexible use of our team of IT experts with the help of agile structures and working practices. 

Stability & Reliability: 

  • In the Rolling deployment system 24×7 (on-site, remote, 3rd level NOC) 
  • Quick and easy deployment of a team of agile IT experts. 
  • On-site: Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart 
  • 130 employees, turnover of 15 million € 

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