IT Procurement

Successful implementation of supplier consolidation for complex, customized IT services

As an IT Procurement officer it is your objective to procure high quality IT services cost-effectively with an optimal price-performance ratio and use the economies of scale. 

To achieve this, consolidate your service provider and supplier portfolios and standardize your contracts to ensure your compliance. You have found your partner for your standard consulting and services  

However, in several cases, your requirements in terms of customized, complex and highly specialized consultancy and services leave a gap and you attempt to close this gap with the help of a large number of smaller partners or experts. 

Netlution sees itself as a specialist partner of global companies and individually maps your complex, highly specialized requirements in a consistent manner. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the enterprise environment, we have oriented our organization and processes to perfectly match the requirements of our customers and our team of IT experts provides the support needed: 

Adaptive 3rd-level services for: 

Scalable and Flexible: 

  • Cost-efficient and flexible use of our team of IT experts with the help of agile structures and working practices. 
  • The consistent adaptation of service delivery to the actual demand 
  • Provide cover to meet part-time requirements  

Customized service contracts: 

  • Mapping all the forms of contract (including Contract of work, Managed service, hiring part-time employees, time & material) 
  • Contractual stipulation of elasticities & scalable features 
  • Team of IT experts with intelligent mix of knowledge to achieve maximum level of efficiency  

Stability & Reliability: 

  • In the Rolling deployment system 24×7 (on-site, remote, 3rd level NOC) 
  • Quick and easy deployment of a team of agile IT experts. 
  • On-site: Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart 
  • 130 employees, turnover of 15 million € 

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