IT Project Manager

From project to operations – economic IT services to precisely meet your needs

To ensure the performance capability of your IT system what is required is a continuous process of innovation that responds to changing business and market requirements.  

The availability of suitable project resources for the entire project portfolio across the IT organization, is a growing challenge for business enterprises.  

This requires far-sightedness and flexibility so that projects upon their completion can be transformed into an economic service structure that can be adaptively adjusted to meet the dynamic requirements. 

Netlution with its experienced project and operations management teams consistently stands by you through the transition into operations. At the same time with its adaptive IT services, Netlution creates security and reliability together with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 

Adaptive 3rd-level services for: 


  • Well-coordinated team of IT experts specializing in complex organizational knowledge-intensive consulting and services, both remote and on-site. 
  • Introduction of innovative ideas/concepts in operation and projects 
  • Ongoing extension of employee competencies with rolling, parallel deployment in different enterprise IT environments. 

Quality & Security 

  • Optimal, adaptive integration in ongoing processes & your organization 
  • Combined competence in architecture, engineering & services for continuous further development and optimization 
  • Optimal resilience of resources by team-oriented staff appointed in IT positions (RES – Rolling deployment system) 

Knowledge Transfer 

  • Expertise in enterprise IT projects is brought to your IT organization 
  • Expertise in building & structuring of complex services as Managed Services 


  • From project to service: Extensive expertise in the transition 
  • KT-concept: The rolling model imparts knowledge to a resource, which itself is the source of know-how for further resources. 
  • Advantage: Your internal resources are relieved of the burden, transition times are shorter and transfer of information/knowledge is optimized. 

Stability & Reliability: 

  • In the Rolling deployment system 24×7 (on-site, remote, 3rd level NOC) 
  • Quick and easy deployment of a team of agile IT experts. 
  • On-site: Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart 
  • 130 employees, turnover of 15 million € 

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