Service Owner

Uncomplicated and dynamic mapping of individual requirements

Precise mapping of dynamics and agility in complex, highly specialized services requires long-standing expertise in various enterprise environments in order to perfectly adapt services to meet the requirements both in professional and in organizational terms.  

With its adaptive 3rd-level services Netlution offers precisely these dynamics and agility. With innovative concepts and methods, such as the use of rolling deployment system, the 24/7 3rd-level services and the intelligent mix of skills, Netlution understands its responsibility to take over the service economically and develop it further.  

Netlution with its experienced service management and operations teams consistently stands by you throughout the entire life cycle of your service.
An according SLA Management (Service Level Agreement) – operating on intelligent measuring methods and practice-approved benchmarks – offers transparency and creates the basis for ideal service delivery. This is also applicable for the cooperation with third parties, like for example Public Cloud providers. At the same time with its adaptive IT services, Netlution creates security and reliability together with flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Adaptive 3rd-level services for:  


  • Eingespielte IT-Betriebsteams, flexibel & skalierbar, remote & on-site 
  • Ongoing extension of employee competencies through rolling, parallel deployment in different enterprise IT environments. 

Quality & Security  

  • Optimal, adaptive integration in ongoing processes & your organization 
  • Optimal resilience of resources by team-oriented staff appointed in IT positions (RES – Rolling deployment system) 

Knowledge Transfer  

  • Expertise in building & structuring of complex services as Managed Services 

Stability & Reliability:  

  • In the Rolling deployment system 24×7 (on-site, remote, 3rd level NOC) 
  • Quick and easy deployment of a team of agile IT experts. 
  • On-site: Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart 
  • 130 employees, turnover of 15 million € 

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